The Wicked King

Ok. Ok. One day I will be more articulate, today is really not that day. So I just finished the second book in the Folk of the Air trilogy, and I have many thoughts, mostly incoherent. Upfront, there will be spoilers for Cruel Prince (you can read my review of that here), but I will try and remain spoiler free for Wicked King.

So Jude and I have a lot of things to talk about and one of them is the fact that she is far too trusting for someone who keeps having people betray her, she keeps watching people betray other people, and she keeps plotting to betray people. I am confusion? I just…. Hunty. You just witnessed a mass betrayal then partook in your own masterminded betrayal and yet you’re still walking around like, “my family who has betrayed me before is totally safe and couldn’t possibly do anything to me now,” or “these fae which have been cruel to me for so long aren’t going to be cruel to me anymore because I’m with the King.” *white guy blinking gif*

Obviously, this book focuses on Jude and the after effects of the events of the previous book, and throws in some spicy new drama that is largely the same plot just a little spicier and allies and enemies shuffled around a bit. I would say it is more entertaining than the first novel (and steamierrrr), but it also has a lot of the annoying bits of the first novel. Am I annoyed that it doesn’t seem like we couldn’t get much character growth? Yes. Am I still excited to read the last book? Yes.

I have Queen of Nothing through my library and I will probably read it by the end of next week, so I guess get ready for a concluding post? If you’ve read this series, or this book, tell me your thoughts in the comments! I was furious about the ending because I couldn’t believe Jude fell for half that shit!!!

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