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Let’s Get Reading

I spend my days working and my nights (and every spare moment in between) reading. Sound familiar?

Book Reviews

I write book reviews on newly published books as well as older titles that I FINALLY got around to.

Themed Posts

Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Pride month, every now and then I post reviews or lists of books fitting a certain theme.

Partnered Posts

Sometimes I am lucky enough to work with amazing publishers and I get to review titles early.

I have two cats, Gabby and Joey. They’re sisters… and they act like it.



They’re very sweet and love to cuddle, but they also hate me giving attention to my books instead of them!


My name is Keelin, I live in Chicago, Illinois, I work two jobs and read in my spare time. I share my home with two adorable cats. I’m 30, a Scorpio, and a short chapter lover.

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If you would like to contact me in regards to book reviews, please reach out through my email. I unfortunately have limited time due to two jobs so I cannot accept all requests.