The Queen of Nothing

Well folks, I did it, I finished the Folk of the Air trilogy by Holly Black and can now pass on my thoughts and feelings about the finale. I am happy to say that I wasn’t as disappointed as many other reviewers lead me to believe I would be. Overall, this trilogy is a 4Continue reading “The Queen of Nothing”

The Wicked King

Ok. Ok. One day I will be more articulate, today is really not that day. So I just finished the second book in the Folk of the Air trilogy, and I have many thoughts, mostly incoherent. Upfront, there will be spoilers for Cruel Prince (you can read my review of that here), but I willContinue reading “The Wicked King”

The Cruel Prince

So I’ve drunk the kool-aid and started reading the Cruel Prince trilogy once it’s finished and most people were disappointed by the third book. Why, you may ask? Well, mostly because I will admit, I do find the story intriguing. With so many people talking about it, how could I not want to know whatContinue reading “The Cruel Prince”