The Cruel Prince

So I’ve drunk the kool-aid and started reading the Cruel Prince trilogy once it’s finished and most people were disappointed by the third book. Why, you may ask? Well, mostly because I will admit, I do find the story intriguing. With so many people talking about it, how could I not want to know what it’s all about? But also because I have a friend who is planning on reading the trilogy during quarantine and what am I but a generous friend who will read them with her?

Well book one’s down and I have to agree, this is addicting. I don’t think there’s been a faerie series as addicting like this since ACOTAR. Which I read and enjoyed many moons ago. In the past couple of years, my taste has focused less of fantasy and more on contemporary work so I was worried whether or not I would be able to jump into a fantasy world and enjoy it. No need to worry anymore!

Our main character is Jude and she is a human in the fae world. I won’t say what gets here there, even if it is the prologue, but she’s there and she feels more at home there than in the human world. Unlike many faerie books I’ve read, the human world isn’t as removed or unaware of the faerie world. In fact, there’s a bit of fetishizing which I respect because even without a proven faerie world, human’s already have fae fantasies. You would think then that Jude’s life in the faerie world is great then, otherwise why would she want to stay, right? Wrong. In fact she’s being bullied by a group of high fae friends. But the faerie world is all she knows, the human world is more foreign to her now. And to prove her worth, she wants to fight for the right to be a knight of the high court and prove her worth to those who doubt her. And then everything changes.

I don’t want to give anything away in case someone reading this doesn’t know what happens and wants to read the book. I will say that the first part of the book and the second part feel like two different books. Different enemies, different goals, different alliances, this happens in many fantasy books so there’s nothing wrong with it, basically what I’m saying is that if at first you’re not feeling it, give it to the second part, if you still aren’t liking it, then by all means, do with the book what you will.

I’m excited to have a nice fantasy getaway while in quarantine, and will probably update you as I go along, although Twitter and Goodreads would be better for that. Let me know if you’ve read this book or even the series and what you thought! Or if you have any other recommendations, leave them in the comments below. Have a good day peeps, and stay safe!

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