The Once and Future Witches

The Once and Future Witches is about three sisters torn apart by tragedy and brought together by hope and desperation. Juniper, Agnes, and Bella know what they are and they know how dangerous it is to be in New Salem. For they are witches and Salem burns their witches.

At the start of this story, the sisters are divided, torn apart by time and space. Until there is an event in downtown Salem that draws them together. Begrudgingly Agnes allows the other sisters over to her place as they discuss what they saw: a giant tower appearing in the sky with a mysterious symbol on it. Though it is not swift, they agree to form a union of witches and try to fight for power for women and bring back the Tower of Avalon. But there are dark and mysterious forces at play, forces that want to kill and destroy all witches. Their shadows creep and crawl all across Salem getting in the way of our sisters and anyone who fights for progress and change.

I found this story to be both relevant and timeless. The characters and trials of this story reflecting back the current world I know. The prose is very flowery and sometimes a little dense to work through, but the impact of it is a story that reads like a fairy tale. I loved how inclusive and shame free this book was in regards to sexuality, pregnancy, abortion, and race. I wish I could have had more of the epilogue as we connect so much with Juniper that her final words being so short feel too short, but her arc overall was both fitting and beautiful. In fact all of the character arcs were well thought out and deliberate and wonderful. I think it goes to show that women know how to handle women’s stories with reverence and truth.

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      1. You’re welcome! I like how it looks like tattoo art. I’m definitely going to have to read this sometime. 😊


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