Avatar the Last Airbender: North and South

This series in the Avatar graphic novels focuses on Katara and Sokka when they go home to the Southern Water Tribe to visit their grandma and father. When they get there however, the Southern Water Tribe is completely different to when they left. In the blink of an eye, the tribe modernized and is transformed. Katara specifically had a real problem with the development, she feels as though the tribe was losing its identity and relationship with its culture. And when they meet the people from the Northern Water Tribe that have helped speed this process along, Katara makes them her enemy.

The main conflict of this story is the civil war between those who do not want influence from the north and their ambition to control the Southern Water Tribe. Katara and Sokka find their hide out and hear what they believe and Katara agrees except for the one problem that their enemy is her father, the current Chief of the tribe. As Katara and Sokka escape back to the tribe, they come with suspicion of the two Northern Water Tribe consultants. Then they find out about something that will change their family dynamic forever and Katara is angered.

It’s hard to be spoiler free in these summaries because their such short stories, but I hope I intrigued you enough without ruining the whole experience. As far as my enjoyment of this series, I actually wasn’t that into it. I know that this is supposed to be a companion to the second season of Legend of Korra, and you can tell. There isn’t a great resolution and the tension is weak. Some of it was fun and interesting as Avatar always is, but it was my overall least favorite to this point. Still worth the read if for nothing else than it keeps the story alive, and I do love Avatar.

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