Get a Life, Chloe Brown

Introducing the current most talked about book and romance series of booktube. Get a Life, Chloe Brown starts the trio of books by Talia Hibbert that focus on one of each of the Brown sisters and each character is wonderfully diverse in their own way. Chloe deals with a chronic illness that causes chronic pain and from what I have seen, the representation is great. From what I read in the story, I would say that I related to it in the ways that I could (I also have chronic pain), and empathized in the ways that I couldn’t. So Talia did a great job of not only conveying the realities of the illness, but also connecting the reader to the character.

Chloe is trying to break out of her rut and routine. She feels like she has lost her sense of life and freedom and so therefor makes a list of all the things she wants to do in order to feel like she has it back. This list involves moving out of her family home and into her own apartment where she meets Red, the superintendent of her apartment complex. Their meetings have not gone well for Chloe, she is seemingly always at her worst when they cross paths. Talk about no meet cute. But one night, and one cat, brings them together and their relationship goes off from there.

Red and Chloe’s relationship didn’t feel all that romantic to me, it felt way more like friends or friends with benefits in this case. This book is steamy and quite sexy. Definitely not safe for younger readers haha. Because of this lack of real relationship tension, I never felt invested in whether or not their relationship lasted. I knew, because of the plot structure of romance novels, that they were going to have the “third act break up” and that they would inevitably get back together, and I found myself not caring about how it played out. I still think the book overall was fun and enjoyable, I just didn’t buy into their relationship all that much.

I’m absolutely going to keep reading this series, Dani Brown here I come! And I really recommend you picking this up because everyone really seems to love it (even non romance readers). Let me know if you’ve read any good romances lately so I know what I should pick up next!

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