The Camelot Betrayal

This review will contain spoilers for the Guinevere Deception. You can read my review of that here.

If I may take one moment to embarrass myself. *clears throat* I’m furious. This book is SO GOOD. OH MY GOD. AHHHH!!! I am fangirling so hard for these characters, this story, the atmosphere, the love square, the other romances, just everything.

The Camelot Betrayal picks up where The Guinevere Deception left off. We have our heroes in Camelot, the castle supposedly safe and sound. But danger is still out there, the Dark Queen has risen and her power and destruction is being inflicted on their world. Guinevere is desperate to make amends for her role in the return of the Dark Queen, her guilt weighing her down more than anything else. She tries new ways of using her magic in order to save forests and people. At the same time, life is continuing in Camelot, there are weddings, knight tournaments, parties, dinners, all the normal things that feel so unimportant now.

While traveling to Dindrane’s wedding, news of Isolde’s imminent danger reaches Brangien and she is desperate to have her rescued. By playing on the idea of a quest, Guinevere gets Arthur to allow her, Lancelot, Brangien, and Sir Tristan to go and rescue Isolde. This journey is not easy and their task is no simpler and of course, things go very, very wrong. I don’t want to spoil what happens here, but I think we know that Guinevere survives so let’s just carry on to the next major plot point (that actually starts earlier, but, like… semantics).

A surprise guest comes to Camelot in none other than the Queen’s sister, Guinevach. Seemingly unperturbed that the Guinevere in front of her is not her real sister, Guinevach is desperate for her affection and to be reunited with her. But mistrust has buried itself deep inside Guinevere and so this surprise arrival of a surprise sister makes her even more nervous and worried than before. Suspicious of her every move and intention, Guinevere enlists the help of her friends to figure out what this sister is really up to. She needs to know if the pretty, young girl in front of her is a threat and she is willing to do whatever it takes to find out.

I have never, never felt so thrown from a book. I went in every direction trying to piece together what the next moves would be, where and how things would unfold, who would do what, and what would happen to who, and in the end I could never have predicted what happened. Things I loved about this: the story. It was told so well, the layers and development hiding all of the secrets. The characters, I Love these characters. They are multifaceted and experience the range of human emotion and aren’t just stock characters which they so easily could be. To take such well-known characters and make them more than anyone could have thought of… I just.. I love it so much.

I love that we got to explore Lancelot and Guinevere’s relationship more. I wondered if we would be heading in that direction and I see how we could be and I’m very excited about it. However, I still hold a torch for Mordred and himself and everything that he is. *coughs* …. Anyway… Truly, this book had me feeling all the feelings. I haven’t felt like this since 2012 in the height of tumblr fandomonium. The passion I feel for this book and this series is out of control. I am GUTTED that I have to wait a whole entire year before I get to know the next chapter of the story. What’re another 365 days, right? *sobs*

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