Anticipated Releases

A new year is upon us and that means NEW BOOKS!! I have a few that I’m keeping my eye on and am eagerly anticipating their release (or an ARC from NetGalley lol). I just wanted to share a few that I’m really excited for including some that I’ve already gotten early copies of (reviews to come). If you have any new releases you’re excited for, tell me! I’m always happy to hear about books that I may like.

A few of these are sequels, so I recommend reading the first book if it sounds interesting to you. And on the plus side, if you like it, then there’s a shorter waiting period for the next book. Whereas I will have to suffer waiting. I have a serious lack of Historical fiction in this list so if you know of any good ones coming out this year, please let me know! But this list is a mix of genres and age ranges so theoretically there should be something that you may like. Browse away! I’ve included links to the Goodreads page for each book if you want a synopsis.

Happy new year and happy reading!

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