When No One is Watching

Sydney Green lives in a neighborhood in Brooklyn that is historically Black but its history, and present, is being replaced by white people. On a tour of her neighborhood, the tour guide knows nothing of the historic Black residents and actively dissuades Sydney from speaking up. In response to this, Sydney decides to take matterContinue reading “When No One is Watching”

Clap When You Land

This is the story of two sisters who don’t know that the other exists. Yahaira lives in New York and Camino lives in the Dominican Republic, they both love and care about their father, Camino only gets to see him over the summer, so when she goes to the airport to pick him up andContinue reading “Clap When You Land”

Home Before Dark

Ok. So I’ve been trying to figure out what kind of horror books I like and I think this one has finally sealed the deal. I love paranormal horror/thrillers. I know that feelings on this book are a little split, but I have to say that this one is a good, scary, ghost story. ThisContinue reading “Home Before Dark”

Hood Feminism

Greetings! Let me introduce to you my new favorite book on feminism. This book tackles mainstream/white feminism and points out the glaring inadequacies that specifically harm Black women and women of color. Ranging from topics like safe neighborhoods, health care, food insecurity, and access to quality education, Mikki Kendall hits you with the hard truth.Continue reading “Hood Feminism”

How to Argue with a Racist

This book by Adam Rutherford is about the genetic side of the racism debate. It explores what our genes do and don’t say about our abilities, strengths, weaknesses, intelligence levels, everything. It’s told in an easy to follow and easy to digest way and allows the reader to follow along and learn something. What’s greatContinue reading “How to Argue with a Racist”

The Black Kids

A story set during the 1992 race riots over the murder of Rodney King by LAPD. It doesn’t take place pre-Rodney King to post-Rodney King, he has already been murdered by the time we meet Ashley, it’s instead close to the verdict announcing the police officers being acquitted for their crimes. Ashley is a veryContinue reading “The Black Kids”

Magic For Liars

In a world where some people are born normal, and some people are born with magic, Ivy Gamble… is normal. Ivy is a private detective. She works for herself, takes pictures of spouses cheating on each other, the usual PI fare. Until one day a woman appears in her office and tells her that sheContinue reading “Magic For Liars”