My Contrary Mary

In the new series by the trio of hilarious and talented authors who wrote the Janies trilogy, My Contrary Mary follows Mary Queen of Scots and her relationship with Prince Francis of France. As with all of the books these three authors have penned, it was full of funny jokes, great contemporary references, and tongue-in-cheek remarks. One thing I love so much about their books is just how clever and funny they are.

In this tale, we focus on three perspectives: Mary, Francis, and Ari, the daughter of Nostradomus. We follow them at the beginning where Mary and Francis are engaged to be married and Ari is sent by Queen Catherine of France to be a spy on Mary and act as her Lady in Waiting. The drama picks up very quickly with the wedding of Francis and Mary moving up to just five days after the start of the book. Soon the trio realizes there are lies and deceit everywhere they turn in the castle and that some of the people betraying them are closer than they realize. People turning into animals and secret deals happening behind closed doors, this book has it all. It was a pleasure to read and such a quick one since I didn’t want to put the book down.

I highly recommend this to people who don’t mind history being messed with (they acknowledge just how badly they mess with history at the start of the novel), people who love a bit (or a lot) of drama, and people who love humorous books. I can honestly say that this definitely put a pep in my step and I’m so happy that I got the chance to read it early.

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