The Ivies

The Ivies are the country’s most elite school, The Ivies are also a group of five ruthless teenage girls, hell bent on getting into the Ivy League school of their dreams. Olivia, our MC, stands out in her group as the only one without money, and maybe not as ruthless as the rest. Everything is going fine until Early Decision Day when one of the girls ends up dead. Now everyone on campus wants to know: Who killed her?

There were plenty of twists and turns in this book, some of which I saw coming, some I didn’t. I want to say that I guessed what would happen, but really it’s that I had several theories so of course one was going to stick. I liked how layered the story was. The moment you thought you had an answer something changed and you were back to square one right alongside Olivia. I found Olivia a little naive at times, and a little reckless, but that’s probably the adult in me. I can’t explain why sometimes when I read a YA thriller I’m all on board for them solving the mystery themselves and sometimes I’m like, “please tell the police, please just turn this information over.” On the whole, I enjoyed this book and liked its examination of the desperation and deviousness that laces the university competition. Honestly though, I learned something at the beginning of this novel which I wish I had known back when I was applying for colleges, but oh well.

The story was fast-paced and yet I was able to disconnect myself and stop reading. I think that’s more on me though, I don’t know if I was entirely in the mood for a thriller. The last 30-25% though was really gripping. I knew more pennies had to drop, but I just didn’t know how and I was eager to find out. Also, completely randomly, this book reminded me of the It Girl series by Cecily von Ziegesar (author of Gossip Girl)??? I think it’s the boarding school setting but honestly, I’ve read a lot of those and haven’t gotten the same vibes so I really don’t know what it is. There is one plot point that is similar beyond the setting so maybe that’s it? Jury’s out. Regardless, this is a fun YA thriller and I think anyone who is excited by the premise will get enjoyment from it. So please, check it out and let me know what you think!

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