The Fountains of Silence

Ruta Sepetys has a way with historical fiction that is almost unparalleled. She takes forgotten, ignored, and dismissed stories and she brings them to the forefront of our minds. I have always admire this about her writing and it’s what keeps bringing me to pick up her books. Fountains of Silence takes place in postContinue reading “The Fountains of Silence”

The Prince and the Dressmaker

Whether or not you want to cry is irrelevant, Jen Wang is going to make you shed a tear regardless. The story she tells in The Prince and the Dressmaker is one of two people, both struggling in their lots in life for very different reasons. One, a poor seamstress with big dreams but noContinue reading “The Prince and the Dressmaker”

We Are Lost And Found

Thank you to NetGalley for an eARC of this title. Wow. I’m speechless. It’s 1983, Michael is 17 years old, lives in New York, has two best friends…. and he’s gay. AIDS is growing in victims and Reagan’s Homophobic America has Michael’s father calling it ‘what they deserve’ for their lifestyle. Michael’s older brother, Connor,Continue reading “We Are Lost And Found”

Michigan vs. The Boys

I have never in my life felt the pure anger towards fictional characters that I had towards 98% of the men and boys in this book. Carrie S. Allen did a great job writing vile villains because wow it’s been about a month since I read this book and I can still feel my bloodContinue reading “Michigan vs. The Boys”

American Royals

I have been on the fence about this book since I saw it. It felt like something I would enjoy, but I was hesitant about how the story would be told and what the story was. This was my first Katharine McGee book and I can tell why people have loved her previous books, theContinue reading “American Royals”

All Eyes On Us

A modern young adult thriller that will give you Liane Moriarty vibes but it’s better because it’s gay. Gossip Girl meets The Husband Secret and you have All Eyes on Us by Kit Frick. I genuinely enjoyed this suspense novel. I don’t normally like young adult suspense only because it never goes very far, andContinue reading “All Eyes On Us”

The Grace Year

Another dystopian that focuses on how awful society is to women and what the long term repercussions of that could be? Sign me up, I guess? But really, this book was great. Was it perfect? No, but like not everything can be perfect. I think I would have like it a lot more without theContinue reading “The Grace Year”

Wilder Girls

What better for Halloween than a horror novel about young girls isolated on an island off of Maine because of a disease breakout (the Tox) where not just the animals are morphing and becoming more violent, but so are the girls. This book is dark, twisted, creepy, and deeply engaging. I caught my legs shakingContinue reading “Wilder Girls”

You Must Not Miss

Katrina Leno really took a dark turn after Summer of Salt (another favorite book of this year) with You Must Not Miss. This story is dark and creepy and violent. in the best way. Personally, I find revenge stories very satisfying and intriguing and Magpie really takes it to the next level. Magpie is aContinue reading “You Must Not Miss”

These Witches Don’t Burn

A new Witchy series to get you ready for October and Halloween in the years to come. I was expecting this book to be more light hearted than it actually was, and to be quite honest, I don’t mind how dark it was. In fact, I’m really looking forward to the next installment of it.Continue reading “These Witches Don’t Burn”