Only Mostly Devastated

In this queer Grease retelling, we follow Ollie as his life gets uprooted to North Carolina after he had a summer romance while there, and while the boy he spent his days and nights with isn’t texting him back, he still thinks about him. Will, the dream boy from summer who somehow ends up goingContinue reading “Only Mostly Devastated”

Late to the Party

A YA contemporary romance set in Georgia about Codi, a seventeen-year-old girl who never parties, never dated, never had a first kiss. She and her friends are all in the same boat and in the summer before their senior year, Maritza wants to change all that. JaKory is game and eager to find a boyContinue reading “Late to the Party”

The Henna Wars

When I tell you that this book has heart, great discussions on racism and cultural appropriation, familial bonds, friendship, and romance, I mean it. For such a seemingly innocent ya contemporary, this book packs a lot into it and all of it is handled with nuance and care. I mean this is exactly the kindContinue reading “The Henna Wars”

Cool for the Summer

Lara has been mooning over Chase Harding her whole life, and finally he’s starting to notice her. Not only that, but he’s asking her out, stopping by where she works, waving at her while he plays football, just absolutely everything that Lara has dreamed of. But on the first day of school a new girlContinue reading “Cool for the Summer”

The Year Shakespeare Ruined My Life

The premise of this book is both cute and interesting, it sounds like a perfect queer rom-com full of wacky adventures and high school shenanigans. It’s about Alison, a girl dead set on becoming valedictorian and in order to seal the deal, she agrees to produce the school play. She is woefully unprepared and inexperiencedContinue reading “The Year Shakespeare Ruined My Life”

The Bookworm Crush

I’d heard about this book shortly before it’s release in October of last year, and once I heard the description, I knew I had to get my hands on it and read it. A book about a book lover falling in love? Sounds perfect to me! Amy is a bookworm, she’s shy, enjoys books moreContinue reading “The Bookworm Crush”

This Train is Being Held

A book with so much heart and depth and vulnerability it takes your breath away. I found myself rooting for these characters from the very beginning. Two kids leading two seemingly different lives but both feeling pulled towards each other in an almost alchemical way. Isa and Alex are a contemporary Romeo and Juliet, theirContinue reading “This Train is Being Held”

Leah On The Offbeat

I finally did it. I finally read the last (for now) book in the Creekwood Series. It took me two years to get to it and I know it’s because I heard so many mixed things about it after it came out and I was so afraid to not love a Becky Albertalli book. Now,Continue reading “Leah On The Offbeat”

Music From Another World

I will never stop loving and crying over Robin Talley’s books. Music From Another World is another edition to her works of queer historical fiction. Here’s why I loved it so much: Two girls from two separate parts of California, both from religious families, both going to a catholic school, both have secrets. Sharon’s brotherContinue reading “Music From Another World”

Her Royal Highness

Rachel Hawkins’ companion novel sequel to Prince Charming focuses on Millie Quint, a smart girl from Texas with high aspirations of going to a famous boarding school in Scotland as it opens its doors to girls for the first time in its history. And in a not so surprising twist, she gets in. When MillieContinue reading “Her Royal Highness”