Short Stuff

Do you want a short story collection all about queer, young adult couples? Well then have I got good news for you! Short Stuff is a collection of four short queer love stories, two male/male, two female/female. Three of them are contemporary stories (meaning they exist in our current world and operate under our currentContinue reading “Short Stuff”

The Queen of Nothing

Well folks, I did it, I finished the Folk of the Air trilogy by Holly Black and can now pass on my thoughts and feelings about the finale. I am happy to say that I wasn’t as disappointed as many other reviewers lead me to believe I would be. Overall, this trilogy is a 4Continue reading “The Queen of Nothing”

The Wicked King

Ok. Ok. One day I will be more articulate, today is really not that day. So I just finished the second book in the Folk of the Air trilogy, and I have many thoughts, mostly incoherent. Upfront, there will be spoilers for Cruel Prince (you can read my review of that here), but I willContinue reading “The Wicked King”

The Cruel Prince

So I’ve drunk the kool-aid and started reading the Cruel Prince trilogy once it’s finished and most people were disappointed by the third book. Why, you may ask? Well, mostly because I will admit, I do find the story intriguing. With so many people talking about it, how could I not want to know whatContinue reading “The Cruel Prince”

Come Tumbling Down

Another good edition to the Wayward Children series by Seanan McGuire. This one follows many characters we’ve met before: Christopher, Cora, Sumi, but it focuses on Jack, one of the twins and one of the most popular characters in the series. Jack returns to the School for Wayward Children in a lightning storm and nowContinue reading “Come Tumbling Down”

American Royals

I have been on the fence about this book since I saw it. It felt like something I would enjoy, but I was hesitant about how the story would be told and what the story was. This was my first Katharine McGee book and I can tell why people have loved her previous books, theContinue reading “American Royals”