Clap When You Land

This is the story of two sisters who don’t know that the other exists. Yahaira lives in New York and Camino lives in the Dominican Republic, they both love and care about their father, Camino only gets to see him over the summer, so when she goes to the airport to pick him up andContinue reading “Clap When You Land”

You Have A Match

Emma Lord perfectly captures what it’s like to be a teenager. Their voices, how they communicate, how they act and think, all the messy parts and the good parts. You Have A Match was a heartwarming (and rather surprising!) coming of age story about Abby Day. Abby is struggling in school, stressing over the BEIContinue reading “You Have A Match”

The Black Kids

A story set during the 1992 race riots over the murder of Rodney King by LAPD. It doesn’t take place pre-Rodney King to post-Rodney King, he has already been murdered by the time we meet Ashley, it’s instead close to the verdict announcing the police officers being acquitted for their crimes. Ashley is a veryContinue reading “The Black Kids”

The Life and (Medieval) Times of Kit Sweetly

Maybe the gods of the literary world heard my prayers. That’s the only thing I can think of as to how this book, a book about a girl who wants to be a knight, came into existence. I had tweeted in March that I was in desperate need for a book about a lady knightContinue reading “The Life and (Medieval) Times of Kit Sweetly”

In the Role of Brie Hutchens…

Brie Hutchens is trying to figure something out, something big, something important. It would be a lot easier if it was like one of her soap operas, something written out for her to say that perfectly describes how she feels (how does she feel? Confused mostly), something that will connect with her mother and helpContinue reading “In the Role of Brie Hutchens…”

Short Stuff

Do you want a short story collection all about queer, young adult couples? Well then have I got good news for you! Short Stuff is a collection of four short queer love stories, two male/male, two female/female. Three of them are contemporary stories (meaning they exist in our current world and operate under our currentContinue reading “Short Stuff”

Be Not Far From Me

Mindy McGinnis has written two books that I love (The Female of the Species and Heroine) so I consider her an insta-read author now. Be Not Far From Me is a survivalist story, I haven’t read many of those, but I trust McGinnis to tell a gripping story so I dove into this relatively shortContinue reading “Be Not Far From Me”

All the Bad Apples

In Dublin we follow Deena, one of three sisters in a cursed family. Bad Apples, it says, Bad Apples on the family tree that once they turn seventeen, the curse comes for them. Deena just turned seventeen, comes out to her sister and father, and her sister Mandy goes missing, claimed dead. Deena refuses toContinue reading “All the Bad Apples”

A Heart in a Body in the World

Annabelle needs to get away, she needs to run. So that’s what she does. She runs from Seattle, at first with no plan just a desperate need to run and put space between her and her thoughts, but soon, her run has an end point: Washington D.C. While on her run, she is met withContinue reading “A Heart in a Body in the World”

This Train is Being Held

A book with so much heart and depth and vulnerability it takes your breath away. I found myself rooting for these characters from the very beginning. Two kids leading two seemingly different lives but both feeling pulled towards each other in an almost alchemical way. Isa and Alex are a contemporary Romeo and Juliet, theirContinue reading “This Train is Being Held”