Dead To Her

Sarah Pinborough’s new book takes place in the heart of the south in Savannah, Georgia. It begins at a party introducing the new wife of William Radford IV, Keisha, a beautiful, black woman from London. Marcie Maddox takes note of how all the other Southern elite react to this change. Not only did William’s firstContinue reading “Dead To Her”

The 7 1/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle

A murder mystery, an isolated setting, tons of characters to keep track of, and a Groundhog’s Day-esque setting where our main character awakens in a new body every night. And it’s a damn good time. Going into this, I knew the premise, knew that it would be slightly confusing, and knew that there would beContinue reading “The 7 1/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle”

Lock Every Door

My first venture in Riley Sager and I have to admit, I’m intrigued. The writing does such a great job of setting an eery mood, and the characters, for the most part, feel very natural and real. I’m torn on this one, I liked it a lot, but also I feel a trend happening thatContinue reading “Lock Every Door”

She Was The Quiet One

One setting trope that I really love is boarding schools. I know I’m not alone in this considering how many books are published with this. This was actually one of a couple thrillers that I read this year that took place at a boarding school (so keep an eye out for those posts), but thisContinue reading “She Was The Quiet One”

There’s Someone Inside Your House

Talk about a Halloween read! This book by Stephanie Perkins gave me the best horror movie vibes ever. Think Scream meets YA thriller and you have this. I stayed up late into the night reading this, giving up precious birthday sleep hours, just because it was so engrossing and addicting. I’ve seen mixed reviews forContinue reading “There’s Someone Inside Your House”

Tunnel Of Bones

In the second installment to Victoria Schwab’s middle grade series about Cassidy Blake, we are taken to Paris, a place full of beauty, history, and ghosts. This story was just as eery and chilling as the first, though I will admit I liked the first book just a tad better. Cass and her parents headContinue reading “Tunnel Of Bones”

Whisper Network

When the CEO of their company dies, the women of Truviv worry that someone who does not belong in a position of supreme power, will get it. This story by Chandler Baker has multiple characters telling the narrative along with splices of police interviews talking about someone’s death รก la Big Little Lies. The multipleContinue reading “Whisper Network”

The Turn of the Key

A five star read by none other than Ruth Ware. In truth, this is my second Ruth Ware book, and honestly, they just keep getting better. I’ll keep this short because honestly, at this point, I don’t think you need much convincing to read a Ruth Ware novel. Turn of the Key is about aContinue reading “The Turn of the Key”