The Ballad of Black Tom

This is a short story about Charles Thomas Tester and what he does to earn some money. He lives with his father in Brooklyn and he deals with the everyday racism of being a black man and the danger of dealing in things mysterious and occult. One day Tom meets a man who offers himContinue reading “The Ballad of Black Tom”


Seanan McGuire is known for writing some bizarre, beautifully developed science fiction and fantasy and this novel is nothing different. Middlegame is about two twins, Roger and Dodger, they don’t live with each other in fact they don’t even know the other exists. Roger lives in Massachusetts, he is an expert with words, finding comfortContinue reading “Middlegame”

This is How You Lose the Time War

In a word, this is complex. There are many people who say you need to reread this to really understand it because the story is time travel based and so the timeline of the characters isn’t linear and that can be complicated. I didn’t have this problem, but I also have a strong fascination withContinue reading “This is How You Lose the Time War”


I did it. I finally finished it. The book, the series, it’s all done now. And I am a MESS. <ERROR.> If you’re at all familiar with the Illuinae files, then you probably wither have already read them or have no interest in them. For anyone who is teetering on whether or not they shouldContinue reading “Obsidio”


So Blake Crouch is in this really niche genre of fiction that I like to call Contemporary Sci-Fi. It sounds counterintuitive and I agree but if you read any of his books, I think it’ll make sense. This is my second Blake Crouch book and wow I’m so here for whatever he writes next (I’veContinue reading “Recursion”