Bringing Down the Duke

I think this is my first ever foray into the historical regency era romance genre and I’m pleased with the results. In Bringing Down the Duke, Evie Dunmore brings to the forefront a feminist story of women reaching to achieve an equitable lot in life through education and the vote. The story focuses on Annabelle,Continue reading “Bringing Down the Duke”

Beach Read

It seems like for the last couple of years, a rom-com comes along that just completely absorbs me and I become obsessed with it immediately. This year, that book is Beach Read by Emily Henry. I read this book in one day, and while that may not be saying something in the era of quarantine,Continue reading “Beach Read”

Girl Gone Viral

Alisha Rai has done it again. If you missed it, last year Alisha Rai wrote The Right Swipe (review for that here) and it kind of took the romance world by storm. A book full of diverse characters set in the modern dating world, and full of tension and humor? It was everything we neededContinue reading “Girl Gone Viral”

If I Never Met You

A heartwarming book about finding who you are again after a relationship leaves you gutted. Mhairi McFarlane tells the story of Laurie and Dan 18 years after the start of their relationship and Dan ends it. I’m serious, that’s how this starts. A relationship that started when they were 18 and then ended as manyContinue reading “If I Never Met You”

You Deserve Each Other

This book took Romance Goodreads by storm when it first popped up, and I understand why. It’s an imaginative twist on the rom-com, hate to love, romance novel that we’re used to. It’s not about two people pining for each other, desperate to know if the other person likes them or two people hating eachContinue reading “You Deserve Each Other”

Love, Unscripted

It isn’t very often that we have a main character who is a male and also a hopeless romantic. Nick’s that. He wants that Hollywood romance, a love to shine amongst the stars, to be envied by others, to fulfill his every lovey-dovey fantasy. But his girlfriend just broke up with him, he has noContinue reading “Love, Unscripted”

Would Like To Meet

This was a cute story about a young woman trying to prove to her jerk of a client that love exists and it can happen in a meet cute. I really enjoyed this story, a lot actually. Rachel Winters clearly knows how a true romantic comedy is done. I found myself eagerly waiting to findContinue reading “Would Like To Meet”

All We Left Behind

All right, one of my most anticipated reads for the year down, let’s get into what I thought of it. All We Left Behind is about two teenagers living on Maine Island, Canada in the late 1930s and 1940s. Hayden, a popular, attractive, boy and Chidori, a shy, beautiful, kind, girl. They’ve been friends theirContinue reading “All We Left Behind”

Husband Material

This post is being brought to you in partnership with Harlequin Trade Publishing for their Women’s Romance Blog Tour. They provided the arc and the photo, all thoughts and opinions are my own. Charlotte Rosen is 29 years old and is looking for her perfect match. She has created an algorithm to go through men’sContinue reading “Husband Material”

Her Royal Highness

Rachel Hawkins’ companion novel sequel to Prince Charming focuses on Millie Quint, a smart girl from Texas with high aspirations of going to a famous boarding school in Scotland as it opens its doors to girls for the first time in its history. And in a not so surprising twist, she gets in. When MillieContinue reading “Her Royal Highness”