The Deep

What if the babies in pregnant slaves that were thrown overboard, turned into a type of merpeople? What if, instead of dying in a watery grave, they became mythical creatures? This is what Rivers Solomon’s world is about. And it’s beautiful and sorrowful and hopeful. The main character of this book is Yetu, they areContinue reading “The Deep”


Mayhem is the story of Mayhem Brayburn and her family legacy. It’s the story of her escaping her abusive step-father, the story of her relationship with her mom, the story of her budding friendships, and the story of her gaining and navigating her power. This was an interesting reading experience. I loved parts of thisContinue reading “Mayhem”

I Killed Zoe Spanos

I’m not normally a fan of amnesia/lost memory stories; I find them too convenient or full of cliches. But in I Killed Zoe Spanos, it works. We meet Anna as she is confessing to the murder of Zoe Spanos, detailing the night of New Year’s Eve, the night she saw Zoe die. Then we moveContinue reading “I Killed Zoe Spanos”

The Black Flamingo

This story is about a young boy named Michael and his life as being a black, queer man. It is beautifully told in verse by Dean Atta and the story will move you and maybe even make you shed a tear. It’s starts off with Michael as a young child wanting a barbie for hisContinue reading “The Black Flamingo”

Burn Our Bodies Down

Well that just thoroughly creeped me out. Rory Power strikes again with a chilling horror novel about familial abuse and the secrets we keep from each other. My favorite thing about this book was that it didn’t keep the action from me. This is more character-driven, yes, but the twists and turns and mysteries areContinue reading “Burn Our Bodies Down”

We Ride Upon Sticks

This uniquely original book by Quan Barry asks you: How far will you go for your team? In the case of the Danvers Falcons, they’ll go as far as deals with Emilio Esteves… uh I mean the Devil. This book is funny both outright and subtle, having me chuckle to full out guffaw. Each chapterContinue reading “We Ride Upon Sticks”

Goldie Vance Vol. 4

If you haven’t heard of this graphic novel series, Goldie Vance is akin to Nancy Drew just far more diverse. The majority of the characters are people of color and queer. The setting is in Florida in an ambiguous 50s-60s time period giving you cute outfits and fun phrases. What the series boils down toContinue reading “Goldie Vance Vol. 4”

This is How You Lose the Time War

In a word, this is complex. There are many people who say you need to reread this to really understand it because the story is time travel based and so the timeline of the characters isn’t linear and that can be complicated. I didn’t have this problem, but I also have a strong fascination withContinue reading “This is How You Lose the Time War”

The Swap

The first Robyn Harding book I read was Her Pretty Face, I read that at the beginning of last year, and I felt that it was so incredible how rich the characters were. Many thrillers that I read have cookie cutter characters that really don’t make an impression or stand out in any way, they’reContinue reading “The Swap”