I Think I Love You

Emma believes in big romantic love, Sophia believes that love is fake and only ends in heartbreak. They hate each other. This story is about Sophia coming home from a year abroad and entering into a friend group that has lived on without her. To make it worse, her relationship with Emma is just asContinue reading “I Think I Love You”

Honey Girl

Another book with a Virgo main character… is this a new trend in literature? Sources say maybe. Honey Girl is about a woman named Grace Porter and it starts with her in Vegas the day after she drunkenly gets married to a woman she’s just met. When Grace is back home, she is confronted withContinue reading “Honey Girl”

Empress of Salt and Fortune

A short story that is packed with wonderful imagery and beautiful prose, Empress of Salt and Fortune captured not only my attention, but also my imagination. This features a dynamic cast of queer characters. Rabbit, an old woman whom our travelers meet, goes through her past by telling stories. She is retelling her time asContinue reading “Empress of Salt and Fortune”

First Comes Like

In the third installment of the Modern Love series by Alisha Rai, we follow Jia and Dev. Jia is a Muslim YouTube and Instagram star with followers in the millions and Dev is the grandson of Bollywood royalty and a famous soap opera actor in his own right. We start their story with Jia gettingContinue reading “First Comes Like”

Across the Green Grass Fields

This one’s for the horse girls. Seanan McGuire continues to prove that any and every story can be queer. In this case, it’s the story of an intersex girl named Regan and her childhood friendships and discovering who she is. Ultimately like all of the other books in this series, she ends up going intoContinue reading “Across the Green Grass Fields”

The House in the Cerulean Sea

I want to introduce you to a book that swept the booktube and book community by storm this year, and what happens to be my Favorite Book of the Year. The House in the Cerulean Sea is a heartwarming tale of breaking down prejudices, breaking through monotony and dreary lifestyles, accepting one for oneself, andContinue reading “The House in the Cerulean Sea”

A Universe of Wishes

Introducing a new young adult sci-fi fantasy diverse short story collection! This year has been the gift of good, diverse short story collections. All Out, Short Stuff, A Universe of Wishes just adds to the list. There’s probably more but I haven’t gotten around to them yet. But while this one shares in its diversityContinue reading “A Universe of Wishes”

The Camelot Betrayal

This review will contain spoilers for the Guinevere Deception. You can read my review of that here. If I may take one moment to embarrass myself. *clears throat* I’m furious. This book is SO GOOD. OH MY GOD. AHHHH!!! I am fangirling so hard for these characters, this story, the atmosphere, the love square, theContinue reading “The Camelot Betrayal”

The Year Shakespeare Ruined My Life

The premise of this book is both cute and interesting, it sounds like a perfect queer rom-com full of wacky adventures and high school shenanigans. It’s about Alison, a girl dead set on becoming valedictorian and in order to seal the deal, she agrees to produce the school play. She is woefully unprepared and inexperiencedContinue reading “The Year Shakespeare Ruined My Life”

Magic For Liars

In a world where some people are born normal, and some people are born with magic, Ivy Gamble… is normal. Ivy is a private detective. She works for herself, takes pictures of spouses cheating on each other, the usual PI fare. Until one day a woman appears in her office and tells her that sheContinue reading “Magic For Liars”