Hang the Moon

This story is about Annie, a twenty-something woman who is going to Seattle to surprise her best friend, Darcy, for a two week vacation. Only Darcy is on her own vacation with her girlfriend Elle in Canada. So to prevent total disaster, Darcy has her younger brother, Brendon, bring a copy of her keys toContinue reading “Hang the Moon”

Cool for the Summer

Lara has been mooning over Chase Harding her whole life, and finally he’s starting to notice her. Not only that, but he’s asking her out, stopping by where she works, waving at her while he plays football, just absolutely everything that Lara has dreamed of. But on the first day of school a new girlContinue reading “Cool for the Summer”

Just Get Home

This book was impactful, visceral, anxiety-inducing. I spent the majority of this book with my heart racing. I read this at a fever pitch, a deep intensity to find out what happened to everyone, what will happen to Dessa and Beegie. I was not prepared for the emotional rollercoaster that this book was going toContinue reading “Just Get Home”

The Once and Future Witches

The Once and Future Witches is about three sisters torn apart by tragedy and brought together by hope and desperation. Juniper, Agnes, and Bella know what they are and they know how dangerous it is to be in New Salem. For they are witches and Salem burns their witches. At the start of this story,Continue reading “The Once and Future Witches”

Perfect On Paper

Darcy is all about love and relationships. She watches YouTube videos about types of attachment styles, how to communicate your needs, basically everything to do with relationships. All of this research to help her with her own secret service: Locker 89. In an abandoned locker at school, Darcy operates a love life advice service toContinue reading “Perfect On Paper”

I Think I Love You

Emma believes in big romantic love, Sophia believes that love is fake and only ends in heartbreak. They hate each other. This story is about Sophia coming home from a year abroad and entering into a friend group that has lived on without her. To make it worse, her relationship with Emma is just asContinue reading “I Think I Love You”

Honey Girl

Another book with a Virgo main character… is this a new trend in literature? Sources say maybe. Honey Girl is about a woman named Grace Porter and it starts with her in Vegas the day after she drunkenly gets married to a woman she’s just met. When Grace is back home, she is confronted withContinue reading “Honey Girl”

First Comes Like

In the third installment of the Modern Love series by Alisha Rai, we follow Jia and Dev. Jia is a Muslim YouTube and Instagram star with followers in the millions and Dev is the grandson of Bollywood royalty and a famous soap opera actor in his own right. We start their story with Jia gettingContinue reading “First Comes Like”

Don’t Tell A Soul

Wow. Wow. Wow wow wow. This was such a great story. From the beginning, the atmosphere was perfect. Just creepy enough that it makes the hairs on the back of your neck stick up and has you muttering warnings to the main character, Bram. I loved the angle that this story took, that Bram wasn’tContinue reading “Don’t Tell A Soul”