The Duchess Deal

Tessa Dare is a force to be reckoned with in the modern historical romance category. I haven’t read many historical romances, in fact I’ve only read one before and will leave that review here. Tessa Dare’s romances are known for being true to the time and feminist, putting consent to the forefront. This is apparentlyContinue reading “The Duchess Deal”

Bringing Down the Duke

I think this is my first ever foray into the historical regency era romance genre and I’m pleased with the results. In Bringing Down the Duke, Evie Dunmore brings to the forefront a feminist story of women reaching to achieve an equitable lot in life through education and the vote. The story focuses on Annabelle,Continue reading “Bringing Down the Duke”

All We Left Behind

All right, one of my most anticipated reads for the year down, let’s get into what I thought of it. All We Left Behind is about two teenagers living on Maine Island, Canada in the late 1930s and 1940s. Hayden, a popular, attractive, boy and Chidori, a shy, beautiful, kind, girl. They’ve been friends theirContinue reading “All We Left Behind”