The Pull of The Stars

This novel by Emma Donoghue shows what the realities are in a maternity ward in the middle of the 1918 pandemic. Our main character, Julia Power, is working at an understaffed, unprepared hospital in the center of Dublin and her days are filled with sorrow, suffering, and signs of hope. The first day we meetContinue reading “The Pull of The Stars”

We Ride Upon Sticks

This uniquely original book by Quan Barry asks you: How far will you go for your team? In the case of the Danvers Falcons, they’ll go as far as deals with Emilio Esteves… uh I mean the Devil. This book is funny both outright and subtle, having me chuckle to full out guffaw. Each chapterContinue reading “We Ride Upon Sticks”

What the Night Sings

It’s liberation day and Gerta is confused, soldiers grabbing her, removing the dead, delivering her to a doctor. This kind of care she hasn’t experienced in years. In the hospital, she meets Lev, another teenager who has survived the same evil as her, he holds her hand. This was an interesting take on a holocaustContinue reading “What the Night Sings”

Music From Another World

I will never stop loving and crying over Robin Talley’s books. Music From Another World is another edition to her works of queer historical fiction. Here’s why I loved it so much: Two girls from two separate parts of California, both from religious families, both going to a catholic school, both have secrets. Sharon’s brotherContinue reading “Music From Another World”

All We Left Behind

All right, one of my most anticipated reads for the year down, let’s get into what I thought of it. All We Left Behind is about two teenagers living on Maine Island, Canada in the late 1930s and 1940s. Hayden, a popular, attractive, boy and Chidori, a shy, beautiful, kind, girl. They’ve been friends theirContinue reading “All We Left Behind”

The Fountains of Silence

Ruta Sepetys has a way with historical fiction that is almost unparalleled. She takes forgotten, ignored, and dismissed stories and she brings them to the forefront of our minds. I have always admire this about her writing and it’s what keeps bringing me to pick up her books. Fountains of Silence takes place in postContinue reading “The Fountains of Silence”

Enter The Aardvark

I present to you the next big Love It or Leave It book. Because this one is gonna be divisive. This review is not going to make a lot of sense so sorry about that up front. Ok how do I talk about this book? For starters, this is a 4.5 and I barely knowContinue reading “Enter The Aardvark”

The Pearl Thief

Historical fiction is, in fact, a favorite genre of mine. I am however incredibly picky about the narratives I like. Elizabeth Wein is one of the few authors that I have yet to find problems with. That seems way more negative than I mean, basically, she does historical fiction really solidly. The Pearl Thief isContinue reading “The Pearl Thief”