The June Boys

This is my first Court Stevens book and I loved it. It combines a few of my niche interests… some that will be explored more thoroughly in later book reviews (is that sinister? I promise it’s not). But if you haven’t heard about The June Boys, let me break it down for you. It’s 2010,Continue reading “The June Boys”

A Heart in a Body in the World

Annabelle needs to get away, she needs to run. So that’s what she does. She runs from Seattle, at first with no plan just a desperate need to run and put space between her and her thoughts, but soon, her run has an end point: Washington D.C. While on her run, she is met withContinue reading “A Heart in a Body in the World”


Mindy McGinnis is known for writing dark YA contemporaries. I read The Female of the Species last year and loved it, dark, twisted, super compelling, and this was no different. Heroine follows Mickey, a softball superstar in her small hometown where the only way out is a scholarship that can take her far away. ButContinue reading “Heroine”

You Must Not Miss

Katrina Leno really took a dark turn after Summer of Salt (another favorite book of this year) with You Must Not Miss. This story is dark and creepy and violent. in the best way. Personally, I find revenge stories very satisfying and intriguing and Magpie really takes it to the next level. Magpie is aContinue reading “You Must Not Miss”