The Black Kids

A story set during the 1992 race riots over the murder of Rodney King by LAPD. It doesn’t take place pre-Rodney King to post-Rodney King, he has already been murdered by the time we meet Ashley, it’s instead close to the verdict announcing the police officers being acquitted for their crimes. Ashley is a veryContinue reading “The Black Kids”

The Vanishing Half

If you haven’t heard about The Vanishing Half, then I have to wonder if you pay attention to the reading trends. I’m kidding… kind of. This book has been shared and spread and talked about for months. I can’t go to a media outlet that covers books and not see it. I even saw itContinue reading “The Vanishing Half”

A Universe of Wishes

Introducing a new young adult sci-fi fantasy diverse short story collection! This year has been the gift of good, diverse short story collections. All Out, Short Stuff, A Universe of Wishes just adds to the list. There’s probably more but I haven’t gotten around to them yet. But while this one shares in its diversityContinue reading “A Universe of Wishes”

Get a Life, Chloe Brown

Introducing the current most talked about book and romance series of booktube. Get a Life, Chloe Brown starts the trio of books by Talia Hibbert that focus on one of each of the Brown sisters and each character is wonderfully diverse in their own way. Chloe deals with a chronic illness that causes chronic painContinue reading “Get a Life, Chloe Brown”

Long Way Down

This is the story of Will, a young black boy whose brother is murdered. He decides to follow the “rule” that has been passed down through their neighborhood: Get Even. Will takes the gun from his brother’s dresser, puts it in the back of his pants, and heads to the elevator to go an enactContinue reading “Long Way Down”

So You Want to Talk About Race

For my goal of continuing my anti-racist education, I picked up the book So You Want to Talk About Race by Ijeoma Oluo. I listened to this on audiobook from my library and wow I can’t recommend that enough. It’s narrated by the author so you really get to understand the messages she was sending.Continue reading “So You Want to Talk About Race”

The Deep

What if the babies in pregnant slaves that were thrown overboard, turned into a type of merpeople? What if, instead of dying in a watery grave, they became mythical creatures? This is what Rivers Solomon’s world is about. And it’s beautiful and sorrowful and hopeful. The main character of this book is Yetu, they areContinue reading “The Deep”

The Black Flamingo

This story is about a young boy named Michael and his life as being a black, queer man. It is beautifully told in verse by Dean Atta and the story will move you and maybe even make you shed a tear. It’s starts off with Michael as a young child wanting a barbie for hisContinue reading “The Black Flamingo”

We Ride Upon Sticks

This uniquely original book by Quan Barry asks you: How far will you go for your team? In the case of the Danvers Falcons, they’ll go as far as deals with Emilio Esteves… uh I mean the Devil. This book is funny both outright and subtle, having me chuckle to full out guffaw. Each chapterContinue reading “We Ride Upon Sticks”