Beach Read

It seems like for the last couple of years, a rom-com comes along that just completely absorbs me and I become obsessed with it immediately. This year, that book is Beach Read by Emily Henry. I read this book in one day, and while that may not be saying something in the era of quarantine,Continue reading “Beach Read”

Girl Gone Viral

Alisha Rai has done it again. If you missed it, last year Alisha Rai wrote The Right Swipe (review for that here) and it kind of took the romance world by storm. A book full of diverse characters set in the modern dating world, and full of tension and humor? It was everything we neededContinue reading “Girl Gone Viral”

If I Never Met You

A heartwarming book about finding who you are again after a relationship leaves you gutted. Mhairi McFarlane tells the story of Laurie and Dan 18 years after the start of their relationship and Dan ends it. I’m serious, that’s how this starts. A relationship that started when they were 18 and then ended as manyContinue reading “If I Never Met You”

You Deserve Each Other

This book took Romance Goodreads by storm when it first popped up, and I understand why. It’s an imaginative twist on the rom-com, hate to love, romance novel that we’re used to. It’s not about two people pining for each other, desperate to know if the other person likes them or two people hating eachContinue reading “You Deserve Each Other”

Red, White, and Royal Blue

I’m sure you’ve already heard of this book if you keep up with book news on twitter, goodreads, or instagram. This book really took the reading world by storm this year and I understand why. Red, White, and Royal Blue is the debut (once again, debut) novel by Casey McQuiston and it is one ofContinue reading “Red, White, and Royal Blue”

The Flatshare

What to do when your ex kicks you out and you’re skint in London and no place to go? Well you go online and find some random dude offering not only his apartment, but his bed, for half the day while he’s at work. And you swallow your pride and nerves to save money andContinue reading “The Flatshare”

The Right Swipe

Rhiannon Hunter runs her own business and she’s good at it. She is in control of her job, her life, and her flings… until the one that ghosted, returns as a zombie and cannot be ignored. Rhiannon is smart, funny, brave, and totally not still hung up on Sampson. Nope, not at all… except maybeContinue reading “The Right Swipe”