Intimidating Reads

I’ve been thinking a lot about what constitutes an intimidating read lately. I’m currently in a reading slump and right now, I would consider most things to be intimidating. This isn’t to say that there aren’t books that I find interesting or exciting or that I want to read, it’s just that there is noContinue reading “Intimidating Reads”

Short Stuff

Do you want a short story collection all about queer, young adult couples? Well then have I got good news for you! Short Stuff is a collection of four short queer love stories, two male/male, two female/female. Three of them are contemporary stories (meaning they exist in our current world and operate under our currentContinue reading “Short Stuff”

Out Now

If you want many, many, many short stories about all different types of queer people having adventures, falling in love, dealing with life, then look no further. I read this over a month ago and I still find myself thinking about some of the stories I read. Today, I’m happy to get to share oneContinue reading “Out Now”