Iron Widow

The thing about Iron Widow is that it is so unbelievably cool that you as a person become more cool just by reading it. I mean that. I literally feel like a cooler person now that I have read this book. Not only is it well paced and well written, it is full of such unique and complex characters that even though there is a big cast, none of them get blurred with the others. This book is just incredible.

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Felix Ever After

Felix Love has never been in love, but he really wants to.

Felix is a transboy attending a prestigious art program during the summer. He has his best friend Ezra and he knows who he is. He is a black, queer, transboy, and no one can take that away from him. But Felix isn’t working on his final project, he’s painted nothing, thought of nothing, and has had no motivation to start on it. Then there’s the fact that he needs this in order to secure a scholarship to Brown University, but he has to go up against his ex-friend, Declan, who spends all his time being an asshole to Felix. He’s also starting to question his gender, and is struggling to understand what he feels and what it all means. And then one day Felix comes to school and there’s a gallery of his old instagram photos and his deadname printed underneath. In an effort to find out who did it and get revenge, Felix makes some questionable choices, and he’s going to have to face the consequences.

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Here the Whole Time

A queer story taking place in Brazil focusing on Felipe, a fat teenager that struggles with self-love and confidence. When his school break is crashed by the attractive neighbor who is staying for the whole week, Felipe must figure out how to not only talk to Caio, but also make him his friend (or maybe more????)

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Cheer Up: Love and Pompoms

This was hands down one of the sweetest things I’ve read in a long time. From page one you have Annie this spunky, angry, defiant person who is forced to try out for the cheerleading team so she can soften up and make some friends. Then you have Bebe, a trans girl who is just trying to fly under the radar and not cause any problems. She gets named captain of the cheer squad and uses her new powers to let Annie join the team. The two of them used to be best friends so when they start hanging out with each other again, new feelings start to flourish. With a lot of heart and a ton of girl power, this book shows that love and friendship are all the power we need to get anything done.

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The Dead and the Dark

Creepiness takes on a new form in this dark, YA horror novel. Logan just wants a normal life with her dads. They travel around the country hunting ghosts and visiting spooky places and Logan is tired. So when her dads tell her they’re leaving their home that they’ve lived in for a while, Logan is mad. Especially because they’re going to some small, isolated town called Snakebite, which just so happens to be where her dads grew up.

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Katrina Leno is one of those authors that I’m going to pick up whatever new book they come out with because she always impresses me with the stories she creates. In Horrid we focus on Jane and her mother as they move across the country after her father’s untimely death. They drive all the way to Maine where they move into Jane’s grandmother’s home, North Manor. The moment they get there, Jane notices that some things are… off. The smell of the roses overpowering her senses and the noises the house makes during the night. As she meets more and more people in the town at school, Jane notices how weird people act when she says where she lives. Turns out, North Manor is considered haunted, a scary tale told through the town. The more secrets Jane uncovers, the more she realizes she doesn’t know. It all seems fine, until it’s not.

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