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Have you ever thought, “What if we took the Disney movie Hercules and made it about a relationship between Hercules, Meg, and Hades and made it really sexy?” Because if you have, then I have the book for you.

This is a Hercules AU (alternate universe) where Hades is a man who runs a club called The Underworld. He has a level of protection over it that ensures the people who work from him are safe and that the people who visit it can have a level of privacy. What is really cool is that this is a series and all of the characters are overlapping with each other. Other books in the series focus on different couples, Tink and Hook, Jafar and Jasmine, etc. This is the second book in the series and there are six books total so far. It is a series that is definitely NSFW and it is very important that you understand that. If you do not like kinky or descriptive sex then steer clear. If you do then keep reading.

The story starts out with Meg seducing Hercules at Hades request. Hercules sees Meg as a submissive, someone who is following orders because she has no choice, so he does what every good hearted hero does, and sacrifices himself to save the girl. But as Meg tells him to his face, he didn’t bother consulting with her as to whether or not she needed saving. And now Hercules is Hades’s forever with no way out.

The Underworld is a sex club, more specifically a BDSM sex club, and as a way to get Hercules acquainted with how things operate, Hades has him learn the ropes from Tink, a long-time employee who made a deal with Hades to protect her. Tink is a brat and doesn’t wait for Hercules to catch up as she goes along. When he’s dressed and delivered to Hades, he gets his own personal show for how things operate.

So obviously there’s a lot of sex and smut in this book, but there is also a relationship that is developed throughout and it’s POLY!!! Woo!! We love to see poly relationships in books, there needs to be more please. I know Iron Widow also had a poly relationship and I just want more to keep coming. This one came about really sweetly and with a lot of layers and communication. Communication is key to any and every relationship people, we need it always, and this one was good about not letting people shutter up and keep reservations quiet. It was really lovely to see two men being open and vulnerable about their emotions with no ulterior motives.

Katee Robert is a pro at spicy books so if this one or this series doesn’t sound like your jam, she has plenty of others for you to check out and I highly recommend that you do. If you’ve read any of Katee Robert’s books, please let me know which ones and what you thought.

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