The Dead and the Dark

Creepiness takes on a new form in this dark, YA horror novel. Logan just wants a normal life with her dads. They travel around the country hunting ghosts and visiting spooky places and Logan is tired. So when her dads tell her they’re leaving their home that they’ve lived in for a while, Logan is mad. Especially because they’re going to some small, isolated town called Snakebite, which just so happens to be where her dads grew up.

Something is happening in Snakebite. A darkness is infecting the town and a kid has gone missing. No body has been found but everyone believes that Brandon Woolley, Logan’s dad, killed him. So now with a whole town against her, Logan tries to figure out what’s really going on in the town and why everyone hates her dads beyond the homophobia.

Ashley has lost her boyfriend and her heart is breaking as less and less people continue to search for him, to find him safe and alive. When her searches bring her to Logan, the two form an unlikely pair on a search for answers that no one seems to want to give them. The two grow closer and closer throughout their journey and Ashley starts to feel things she never felt before, but everything is too scary and uncertain and her desires for truth and love tangle up inside her. The faster the two get to the bottom of it, the faster she can find Triston, the better. But then another kid disappears and everything gets harder.

I looooved this. So dark, so creepy, so absolutely wild with twists, turns, developments, and writing that is gripping. I never wanted to put this book down I was so captivated by it. I loved how the story unfurled and each new piece entered the board and slotted in its place. I loved the characters and how distinct they were. I wish the town had more of a presence, I don’t know how exactly, but I feel like it needed to be more…. More. How unhelpful, but that’s just me, the vibe was there but soft, I wanted it to be louder.

I did guess who it was, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying the reveal and the whole story behind it. The whole thing is wild and fun even if it is dark and disturbing. I think it’s great that the reveal while important, wasn’t the sole action and twist at the end of it the story. It made it more dynamic and realistic. I’m excited to see how you all feel about it once it comes out, I’m sure you’ll enjoy just as much as I did.

Published by keelinrita

A Chicago girl with a lot of feelings about fictional people.

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