The Shadow of Kyoshi

In the sequel to Rise of Kyoshi, we follow Kyoshi and her band of misfits as they continue on their mission only this time, Kyoshi is determined to find Yun at all costs.

Her journey takes her all over the earth as she reunited Rongi with her mother and they enter the political world of the Fire Nation, Kysohi quickly realizes that she is unprepared and out of her depth. Making mistake after mistake at a special banquet for the Fire Lord and Kyoshi herself, she begins to doubt herself and her place as the avatar even more. Only she doesn’t have the time to make things better as Yun appears at the banquet and wreaks havoc and hurts people, even kills them.

It is all Kyoshi can do to track him down, but as she is having a hard time connecting with her past avatars, she feels even more lost. With high stakes and no room for error, Kyoshi and her friends set off to save the world from Yun and bring her friend back from the darkness.

We see more of Yun’s story in this one which I think is a nice and necessary touch. I loved loved loved the additional lore we learned while at the Fire Nation banquet and the palace of the Fire Lord. I think it’s just so amazing how deep and thorough the lore is for this world and it just makes each new installment that much more exciting to read. Like all other Avatar themed stories, the action in this book was incredible. The battle scenes well written and easily imagined. The characters flaws and imperfections acknowledged and they are constantly challenged. I love the relationships between all the characters, they are so unique and distinct and it makes them feel like real people.

Honestly at this point if I haven’t convinced you to engage with the Avatar world by now, I’m not really sure what else I can do haha. I just hope that if you are at all interested, you go in with an open heart and excitement for what will be coming your way. All of it is worth it and there is just so much for you to enjoy. If you already love Avatar and haven’t picked up these books yet, I highly encourage you to do so. They add so much more to the world and really create such a fantastic addition to the show.

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