One Last Stop

I already knew that I like McQuiston’s writing because of Red, White, and Royal Blue, but One Last Stop has solidified them as a favorite author. The story follows August, a woman who tries to take up as little space as possible and distance herself from people so she never gets attached. She moves to New York and joins a ragtag group of roommates and gets a job at a local landmark pancake house. While commuting to school, she meets another woman on the train, Jane, and there’s a spark, a desperate want to know this woman and maybe be something more. But this woman is no average woman and so August must use all her detective skills to find out what happened to her and how to help her.

I found the romance of this story to be fulfilling and sweet and sexy. It was so refreshing to see a sapphic romance that had both sugar and spice. I also really loved the creative twist on this story! It made for such a thrilling read. I love all the roommates, coworkers, and neighbors of August. The found family trope is so dear to my heart and this was such a perfect example of it and how it feels. I’m obsessed with this story. The twists and turns made it so addicting to read and exciting to read. You never knew what was happening, and you’re so eager to find out even just a little more.

I can’t fully wrap my head around how good this story was. I loved that August was bisexual, Jane a rebellious lesbian, Niko a transgender man, Wes a Jewish queer man, Isaiah a drag queen neighbor… the representation is amazing and so realistic. I wish I had more books like this one. Queer romance with a fun and interesting sci-fi twist. Hopefully this sparks a whole range of books similar and different to it. All I’ll say is that no one would regret reading this.

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A Chicago girl with a lot of feelings about fictional people.

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