Pride Month

Hello latheys and gentlethems! Pride months 2021 is tomorrow and once again I am honoring the month with a post three days a week. Get ready for a wide variety of queer stories from a variety of authors. I always like to represent different groups within the queer community and these books will not disappoint. I really hope that you find something new to read and that you will share with me your love and passion for queer stories! Some are rereads and some are new to me books and authors so I hope you enjoy the variety. There will be one book that is not queer because it is a review post for a new release, but all of the others are queer, I promise. I should also point out that it is almost always a queer main character, but I believe one of them is a prominent queer side character (also a partnered review for a new release). All in all, these posts should bring you fun stories that I hope will resonate and encourage you to pick them up. Get ready to get gay!

Published by keelinrita

A Chicago girl with a lot of feelings about fictional people.

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