They Wish They Were Us

Jill Newman is in an elite group at her elite school in Gold Coast, Long Island. Everything there seems perfect, untouchable, the people thinking nothing can or will get in their way. That is until three years ago when Jill’s best friend Shaina is killed by her boyfriend.

In present day, Jill and her friends find out that Graham, the boy they knew, the one that killed their friend, is trying to overturn his sentence and says he didn’t actually kill Shaina. This throws the group in turmoil, but as one former member of their elite group The Players reaches out to Jill, it causes Jill to rethink everything she may have known about everything including the night that her best friend died.

I think this was a fun and interesting ya mystery. I think it definitely resonates more with the age range that it’s written for as I had kind of predicted all the ways the story could have gone and it didn’t go as deep and dark as it could have. That being said, that’s not a bad thing. It is a young adult novel after all and me being an adult reading a young adult novel means I’m not the target audience and I have to keep my personal expectations separate from the genre’s. I think if you’re a fan of stories set at elite schools with secret (not so secret in this case) societies, and lots of high school drama, then you’ll like this.

Published by keelinrita

A Chicago girl with a lot of feelings about fictional people.

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