The Project

Lo and Bea are sisters. Sisters have a bond, a relationship that is so intense and so uniquely theirs and as their mom told Bea when Lo was born, their love will be different than that of her love with her parents, that they make a promise to each other. But when we see Lo in 2018, she and Bea aren’t even talking to each other.

The stories is written in dual perspectives with multiple timelines. Mainly 2011, 2017, and 2018. The main perspective is Lo, the younger of the two sisters. Bea’s sections come in every now and then to add more substance, back story, and intrigue to what we’ve just gone through with Lo. Lo is working for an upcoming magazine called SVO. She’s an assistant with a desire to be more, she wants to write, to tell people’s stories and have their lives live on through her. She’s desperate for a story and when one confronts her and her office, she decides to take matters into her own hands and write about The Unity Project. Is it a group of people trying to do good in the world, or is it a cult? That’s what she’s going to find out.

The story is compelling. I was a little thrown by it being a religious cult and just how prominent religion (Christianity) would be in this book. I think of the two sisters perspectives that we got, Lo (the main one) was the least engaging. Bea’s was more compelling and I looked forward to those sections the most. I’m not sure I would recommend this book, but I also wouldn’t not recommend it. I think part of it was great concept, ok follow through and part of it was it was too religious for me. Lo’s action at around 60% seemed so convenient for drama and not in a good way, in a forced way. It really took me out of the book. I was just like.. What? OK? Since when honey….? The ending was a bit rushed and, again, convenient. I can’t deny how interesting it was to read, but I also can’t deny that I wasn’t excited about picking it up again. I think people who are comfortable with the idea of reading about a religious cult, who love a good cult story no matter how it plays out, will have a decent time.

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