Don’t Tell A Soul

Wow. Wow. Wow wow wow. This was such a great story. From the beginning, the atmosphere was perfect. Just creepy enough that it makes the hairs on the back of your neck stick up and has you muttering warnings to the main character, Bram.

I loved the angle that this story took, that Bram wasn’t there because she believed in the ghost, she was there to figure out why people assumed Lark was crazy. Later learning a more personal reason for this vendetta, you appreciate Bram even more. Women standing up for women. I think the layers of stories really helps build the tension and makes the twists and turns that much more frightening. There’s a point where you have a few ideas as to what is going on but the new information you’re getting just keeps making you doubt yourself. It is fantastic. A book that keeps you on your toes and makes you keep reading because you, like Bram, demand answers.

I couldn’t stop reading this book. I would pick it up to casually read a chapter and find that I had sat there for 40 minutes reading because I couldn’t turn away. I finally finished this book in one sitting for two and a half hours in the middle of the night. Great ambiance for the story, but it just speaks to how captivating the story and the writing are that I put off precious sleep so I could keep reading. I think this book tackles some really heavy topics and does so with honor and courage and daring. I felt so seen and validated by this. I know we can’t quote anything from arcs, but there is a line about women always fearing for their safety and I felt that.

I have never read Rebecca, so I’m not sure how much of this was true to the story and how much was changed. I don’t know if someone who is familiar with Rebecca would be surprised by this story. But I have to believe that they would be and that if they enjoyed Rebecca that they’ll enjoy this too.

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A Chicago girl with a lot of feelings about fictional people.

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