Home Before Dark

Ok. So I’ve been trying to figure out what kind of horror books I like and I think this one has finally sealed the deal. I love paranormal horror/thrillers. I know that feelings on this book are a little split, but I have to say that this one is a good, scary, ghost story.

This story is about Maggie, a 30 year old woman whose father has just died and left their one time family home Baneberry Hall. The same house that twenty-five years ago her family fled in the middle of the night claiming that the house is haunted. Ever since then her family won’t talk to her about what happened and refuse to give Maggie anymore explanations beyond the book her father published about their stay there. Now, Maggie is returning to the home to renovate it and sell it, but maybe also see once and for all if the story father wrote is true.

There is a book within a book in this one, Maggie’s current day POV and chapters from the book her father wrote. I really liked this element, it added context for current day activities and provided adequate scary feelings. I really really enjoyed how the story unfolded and was only bored by two people. There’s one character who was really only there to provide exposition and while it did cause me to think they could be the source of the spooks, I was super underwhelmed with that concept. The other person was just an obvious choice for one thing that happened and a strong red herring. I’m being vague because these would be spoilers and while many people have read it, you might not have and I don’t want to spoil it for you. Because I want you to read this!!!

So many scenes in this books put me on edge, an armoire is featured heavily in this book and I have one in my room and let me tell you!! That made me not want to keep listening to the audiobook in the middle of the night. I really enjoyed this and like other people who have read this, the last 20-30 pages are a whiplash of reveals and it would be unbelievably impressive if you could guess the whole ending. Seriously, give this one a try. Of the two Riley Sager books I’ve read, this one is my favorite and while I’m interested in reading Final Girls by Sager, I have heard that the books get better with each one and I really agree. People are split on Lock Every Door so let me know your rank of Sager books and tell me how you felt about this one!

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