Across the Green Grass Fields

This one’s for the horse girls.

Seanan McGuire continues to prove that any and every story can be queer. In this case, it’s the story of an intersex girl named Regan and her childhood friendships and discovering who she is. Ultimately like all of the other books in this series, she ends up going into another world through a door she finds while walking along a creek. Once she passes through, she encounters a world free of pollution and populated by centaurs. She meets Pansy and Pansy takes her back to her lodging with her family and Regan is in awe of them just as much as they are in awe of her. She is a human and humans in their world save it and then leave, but Regan does not want to leave. So they help hide her as she gets familiar with the world and builds a family among them.

Like all of the other books in this series, this one is beautifully written. Not only that, it’s filled with humor and morality, a message and a joke on every other page. I really think this is my favorite of the series so far and I’m not even a horse girl. I don’t really think you even need to like horses or care about them in order to like this story. The horses are only really important if you’re a horse girl… I’m really losing the point of what I’m saying, sorry haha. I was worried that we would be getting another Jack and Jill story so I’m really pleased that we didn’t and that the story was so fresh compared to the rest of the series. I’m excited to see how Regan fits in with the rest of the Wayward crew and what will come of her after this story. I’m just happy that there are six more books in this series because I don’t want them to stop.

If you like the series, I know you’re going to pick up this book. If you haven’t started the series, you CAN read this one as it does not relate to anything we have read before, it is its own individual novel. If you like it then I encourage you to read the other books as they are just as fun and magical.

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