Hood Feminism

Greetings! Let me introduce to you my new favorite book on feminism. This book tackles mainstream/white feminism and points out the glaring inadequacies that specifically harm Black women and women of color. Ranging from topics like safe neighborhoods, health care, food insecurity, and access to quality education, Mikki Kendall hits you with the hard truth.

I loved this book for a few reasons. One, it informed me on topics that I was aware of but never dove deeper into. Two, it challenged my own feminism and the actions I took to help POC and my awareness of challenges faced by women of color. Three, it provided me with a sense of security about being the loud, angry, feminist and how that person is an important role in the progression of equality.

I couldn’t put this book down. It is a testament to the topics covered as well as how they were covered. There were plenty of facts and figures, but also many anecdotes that showed the realities of these situations. I especially loved the conversations about food scarcity and taxation that disproportionately effect communities of color, and how Black girls and women face higher rates of eating disorders but that they are less likely to get the help they need because of the color of their skin. They were topics that I knew existed, but never really sat down and researched or thought about as a systemic problem and all that that entails. It was eye-opening and informative.

This is the book that I am recommending to all of my friends and family that consider themselves feminists. I’m white so a lot of those people in my life are white and could use an educational resource like this book. I’ve recommended a lot of books on anti-racism lately, but this one ticks two boxes that I think will motivate more people to read it. I highly suggest that you read it as well and share with me what things you liked and learned!

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