Avatar the Last Airbender: The Search

This story arc of the ATLA graphic novel series focuses on Zuko and Azula’s search for their mother. Probably one of the most anticipated storylines that never got resolved in the television show, I was so hyped to see that it was covered in the graphic novels. I can’t believe I never picked them up and could have had these answers sooner.

Like all storylines focusing on Azula and Zuko, this is emotionally heavy and deals with so much psychological impact of familial relationships. You feel for both of them as you uncover their personal feelings and relationships to the mother and each other, as well as what they are willing to go through in order to get answers.

There’s another storyline within this, as there tends to be with all Avatar stories, about a brother and sister in search of a spirit who will grant a person a new face. The brother, who doesn’t speak and wears a mask to cover what happened to his face so long ago, is with his sister on a desperate hunt to find this spirit in a dangerous wood. With the Avatar’s help, the find the spirit, but it’s not as easy as that.

This was one of my favorites so far of the Avatar collection and I really recommend this if you watch the series and are at all curious about the story of Zuko’s mom. It’s a satisfying ending to the story and will make your heart fill with emotion.

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