The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue

I am an extremely lucky individual and was granted early access to my most anticipated novel of 2020 by TOR Books through NetGalley. If anything, this is the best thing to happen to me in this hell-scape of a year.

How do I even begin to talk about this book and its impact?

I have read many books by V. E. Schwab and I always enjoy myself. I find myself sinking into her writing and flowing with the story at whatever pace she sets. I fall in love with each character and their flaws and strengths. I witness their greatness and their regrets. I live for a story that transports me; Schwab transports me.

Addie is a girl desperate for agency and choice. A life where she can choose what she wants, who she wants, and where she wants to go. But she is living in a time, a place, where anything but is allowed so when the end seems near, she makes a deal.

The story is told through past/present chapters and then different perspectives. Quite frankly, I really enjoy this type of storytelling and it really lends to this story in that it plays with our perception of time and passing time and it allows the story to unfold more organically. Addie and her blessing, her curse, and her relationships with people all take shape over time as she begins to understand the limits and loopholes.

The heart of this story is a love story and while one might think I mean the actual love story, I really mean Addie’s love story with herself. She learns so much about herself, her pitfalls, her weak spots, her weapons, her skills. She comes to appreciate her situation and uses it to make her life more fulfilled, to live it in a way that brings her peace, to find a way to leave her mark. It is not a smooth road. If anything it’s filled with just as many hiccups as a normal life. The beauty in it is that she gets to claim more time to try again. She is flawed and she knows it. Instead of hating herself for it, she learns how to make it something more, something to be admired.

It’s hard to be vague about this story and not want to reveal all its secrets. It is like the character itself, it desperately wants to tell its story and for its story to be told. Powerful, dreamlike, and full of joie de vivre, Addie captures your heart and then takes your breath away.

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A Chicago girl with a lot of feelings about fictional people.

One thought on “The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue

  1. So jealous you got to read this early but love your review. I just finished it and I understand how difficult it might be to describe it!


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