These Vengeful Hearts

This was an exciting book to read and I’m so happy that I get to tell you about it! These Vengeful Hearts is about Ember and her revenge mission to take down Hell High’s notorious Red Court by working from the inside to capture the Queen of Hearts and then break it all down.

Ember is a complex main character. She is seeking revenge for her sister who was taken down by the Red Court a few years prior (the result of it landed her in the hospital and paralyzed from the waist down). She’s also one of the top performers in her class scoring high marks in all of her classes and is constantly going head-to-head with another classmate, Chase. She has connections with teachers, accolades, captain of the debate team, all while being a sophomore… no wonder the Red Court accepts her when she submits her name to join the team.

I have to say that this was such a fun and gripping story. I had a hard time putting it down, but work just kept getting in the way. Ember can be unlikeable at times, she is questioning her morality and ethics and what she’s willing to do for revenge, and if she really even knows who she is. Her relationships are changing and so is Ember. I love the way that the story evolved, was it totally unpredictable, no, but there were some twists that I didn’t predict and felt like a fool for not even thinking about beforehand, but that just made me like it even more. I was highly entertained and just supremely enjoyed this reading experience. I can’t even really articulate all of my feelings about this book.

If you’re looking for the YA version of a Dark Academia, then here is your pick. Twisted, flawed characters, questionable morality, with a dark setting and all about controlling power. Just… so good. Please read this. Katherine Laurin did a fantastic job and I just absolutely cannot wait to see what she comes out with next because I have really high hopes that the next book she writes becomes even better and even more sinister.

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