Mayhem is the story of Mayhem Brayburn and her family legacy. It’s the story of her escaping her abusive step-father, the story of her relationship with her mom, the story of her budding friendships, and the story of her gaining and navigating her power.

This was an interesting reading experience. I loved parts of this book and then other parts I felt indifferent towards. Some things were resolved really quickly and that surprised me. It just felt rushed at some points. I wish there were like 50 more pages just so some things could be fleshed out a bit more.

There were three main plot points: the life in Taylor that Mayhem and her mom are escaping, the powers of the Brayburn family, and the missing girls of Santa Maria. The first plot line is how we start off this book. We hear of the situation that they life, witness the damage it has caused. Then we learn about the missing girls and how the town is warping to accommodate their reality. Finally, and the meatiest part, we learn about the Brayburn family and the magic they control.

Sadly, I only felt fulfilled by one of these storylines and that makes me sad. I think that there was a satisfying conclusion to one of them, but because there was so much else going on, it felt disjointed compared to the rest of the story. I would have loved a greater focus on the serial killer and the whole story around that, but that just may be because I love true crime. That isn’t to say that it is left unresolved, it definitely does conclude… it is debatable how satisfying. The magic element felt both explored and unexplored. I’m torn because I feel like the author either knew more and kept it from me, or didn’t fully develop the magic system/world and so I was left with so many questions.

Overall I think that the atmosphere was fun and the relationships were nicely developed. I’m definitely interested in picking up more from this author as they do really know how to make a book feel like an experience.

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A Chicago girl with a lot of feelings about fictional people.

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