I Killed Zoe Spanos

I’m not normally a fan of amnesia/lost memory stories; I find them too convenient or full of cliches. But in I Killed Zoe Spanos, it works. We meet Anna as she is confessing to the murder of Zoe Spanos, detailing the night of New Year’s Eve, the night she saw Zoe die. Then we move back in time to Anna taking a job in the Hamptons, Zoe is a girl who’s been missing for months, and Anna is constantly being told how much she looks like her. Soon Anna starts having flashes of memories… did she know Zoe? She listens to a podcast made by a friend of Aster (Zoe’s sister), Martina. Everything she’s learning is mixing with her broken memories all coming to a point. In a deliciously twisted story, Zoe is entangled in Anna’s life, pulling her in different directions, and Anna struggles to keep a clear head.

I found the pacing of this story to be pretty good, each new reveal was balanced with tension in the past chapters. Slowly, you’re learning about the people in Anna and Zoe’s life and you’re quickly putting them in the suspicious or safe category. I found myself desperately trying to pin down the story, figuring out how everything happened. Kit Frick writes suspense thrillers really well, she gives you just enough information to feel like you can ascertain the bigger picture and then throws a curveball in making it all fall apart. I love that.

This was a fun summery thriller and I can’t recommend it enough. Give this a try and then, if you enjoy it, give Frick’s other books a look!

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A Chicago girl with a lot of feelings about fictional people.

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