Short Stuff

Do you want a short story collection all about queer, young adult couples? Well then have I got good news for you! Short Stuff is a collection of four short queer love stories, two male/male, two female/female. Three of them are contemporary stories (meaning they exist in our current world and operate under our current laws of physics and the like) and one is a fantasy story akin to King Arthur and Game of Thrones (though nowhere near as violent or gory as GoT).

I have to say, the first and third stories stand out more to me than the other two, but all four show how amazing love can be between two people who share commonality. I’m trying to be vague and I sound like a politician… yeesh. What I’m trying to say, is that all of the stories have heart. All of them share insecurities, fear, a desire to be something more than what you are, wanting love. It’s all very human, very ya, and really quite sweet.

Love in a Time of Coffee is probably my favorite story of all four. I obviously don’t want to share too much as all of these stories are short and I can give away the whole story fairly quickly. But it’s about Gemma and Anya’s friendship starting in Pre-K all the way to high school and you get to see them through first loves and coffee and it’s just so filled to the brim with heart and honesty. Ugh I just love it so much.

This collection comes out on June 9th. Please, add this to your Pride TBRs, I’m sure if you’re doing a readathon (like Prideathon) a short, short story collection would be much appreciated. Happy Pride everyone!

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A Chicago girl with a lot of feelings about fictional people.

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