May Releases

May is one of those months where there are usually many books that are some of my top favorite, most anticipated, and highly praised. This time around, I wanted to share a little list of books that caught my attention and that I’m excited about. If you want a more comprehensive list, Goodreads has many that are tailored to genre and month and everything.

Pre-ordering books, now more than ever helps not just the publishing house, but also the bookstores and the authors. If you really want to support an author or a story, I highly suggest pre-ordering. If you are able, I would also highly suggest you pre-order from and independent bookstore. Now, on to the books.

Now obviously there are many more books to be read next month, these are just the ones I’ve been excited about for a while. Share what you’re excited about below, maybe you’ll convince to add another to my list!

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A Chicago girl with a lot of feelings about fictional people.

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