The Missing Sister

 A thriller taking place in Paris where our heroine, Shayna, doesn’t speak the language and is desperately trying to find her sister who everyone thinks is dead.

Elle Marr created a story where you felt time, unease, and paranoia pressing in on you from all sides. Trust No One. That was Angela’s last note to her sister Shayna and in a code only Shayna could crack. The. Intensity.

The twists and turns are plentiful in this one and I would be lying if I didn’t find myself eager to know what would happen next. There was a lot going on and, to be honest, I rolled my eyes at Shayna and some of her decisions. There would be times when she did something and I’d be like “yes, that is exactly what you should do” and then there’d be other times when I would smack my forehead and go “GIRL.”

I get it, it’s a mystery suspense novel and not everyone can act with intelligence all the time but….. this is someone who is gonna be a doctor so I’d expect a little more ability to do what she claims she is good at and solve problems.

This was entertaining and I think for new thriller fans, this will be very exciting and gasp worthy. I think the history of Paris and the catacombs was FASCINATING and I loved all of the awareness brought to modern day human trafficking. I’m excited to see what Elle Marr does next, I have strong feeling she’s gonna be a new big name in thrillers.

So please check this out when it comes out on April 1st! Utilize your local library’s e-content, support a local bookstore that may be struggling during this time, or a generous friend who will lend you their copy (but please remember to wash your hands!). Thank you NetGalley for giving me access to an advanced copy so that I could provide and honest review!

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