Reverie by Ryan La Sala is about a boy named Kane and he’s suffering from a severe case of amnesia. He crashed his car into the old Windmill in town and destroyed it in a blaze, but no one knows why Kane did it, including Kane. So he sets out on a mission to go back to his life and figure out who he is, what happened to him, and why everything feels so strange.

I’m sad. Mostly because the idea of a gay kid having superpowers that including shooting rainbows out of his hands sounds great. But I was expecting this book to be less fantastical and more based in reality.

I have a hard time with narratives where the POV has amnesia. It’s frustrating in a bad way. And Kane’s attitude and behavior didn’t help matters at all. I really like the group of friends and the epilogue was more of what I wanted the story to be (minus like kitschy Halloween part just more of a group of friends being friends and solving magical problems).

I think this has mass appeal and, I mean, I was super into it when I initially heard the premise so clearly I think it is an exciting narrative. I’m interested in seeing what La Sala comes up with next, but I think I would be more interested if his work was more contemporary and less fantastical. I would recommend this book for people who are fans of Adam Silvera but want even more fantasy.

I’m sad I didn’t enjoy this, but I know many people love it and I would not stop someone from reading it. It is a slow story, the plot moves very slowly and folds back on itself a lot and I found that to be annoying but I know other people really enjoyed that aspect. This is pretty much just a case of wrong reader syndrome

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