Music From Another World

I will never stop loving and crying over Robin Talley’s books. Music From Another World is another edition to her works of queer historical fiction.

Here’s why I loved it so much: Two girls from two separate parts of California, both from religious families, both going to a catholic school, both have secrets. Sharon’s brother is gay, and Tammy is a lesbian. Both of these secrets could put an end to their lives. The story is told through letters and journal entries. Tammy and Sharon are put together through a school summer pen pal project and become best friends, confiding in each other, feeling at home with each other, bonding over punk music and Patti Smith.

Meanwhile, Tammy is also writing letters to Harvey Milk, she never sends them, but they are so necessary for her because he is an openly gay man fighting for gay rights in her state. Sharon uses her diary, a way to chronicle her life without fear of someone else having to know exactly what is going on in her head.

This story is at once heartbreaking and uplifting and I believe that’s what Talley tries to do in all of her books. She’s acknowledging the realities of being in the time, bringing those fears and issues to the forefront so the reader can understand just how daring and brave these characters are, and then she allows us what most real life stories at that time don’t, a happy ending.

I loved this book, and I will keep reading Robin Talley because she keeps the history of queer people and their hope alive.

I received an eARC from NetGalley in an exchange for an honest review. I just happen to be gushing because I love Robin Talley’s writing and this was no exception, and to be frank, I expected to love this anyway.

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